Saturday, January 8, 2011

"SNOW?" & .......just talking!:)

Good Saturday Evening Girls, this is a shot of the clouds rolling in late this afternoon, in regards to the first freezing temps. we've had for beginning of winter, I took some more pics but could not get them to download,  they were so pretty. but all day today has been not a cloud in the sky and beautiful sunny day, but I  just happened to look out about 5 or so, and saw this thru my trees, I got in my car and drove to the end of my road and it was so pretty, just another piece of God's handiwork!  Kinda made me want to sing.....How Great Thou Art....! I have been at home most of the day, I did go to my Sunday School Hour this morning at 8 am, my SS teacher meets at 8 every Saturday morning and whoever is led comes and we pray for our Pastor, Staff, and Deacons, and other special requests, I have not been in a while and I just so felt like I needed to be there, it was so fulfilling!  When that was over I was headed to see "grands" play basketball, but I needed to stop at my sister's I felt, and check on her for she was not feeling well at all yesterday, and sure enough she just was not up to par, so I just rolled up my sleeves and cleaned her house! I missed Basketball games! Sorry~ Hannah, and Rowdy, Nana will come next week!  Went and bought groceries, and came home, I am now as we speak baking Kyle 's cupcakes for his Birthday! I usually buy a bakery cake, but decided I would just do these instead! he said that would be fine, so after church tomorrow we will have a little B~Day for Kyle! News~ just came on and they said SNOW!! , I love Snow!! but we will not get much! ~ I will close out for now just kinda feel myself rambling!  Remember~ God Loves You! and so do "I"! and final thought ~ "SNOW MEN FALL FROM HEAVEN UN~ASSEMBLED!!:)

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  1. Oh I LOVE that you go and pray for your Pastor and others at your church !!! Isn't it just so awesome to join in and lift up your church leaders! My husband and I did that at our old church and WOW it was just awesome!

    We are also supposed to get snow and VERY cold temps this week starting tomorrow. I am not sure how much we will get either but hopefully not much cause my DH is leaving for the week .....It seems every time he goes out of town this happens and we lose power or something LOL Thank the Lord for awesome neighbors!!! :):):)

    Have a great day tomorrow celebrating! I get to go to my soon to be here grandson's baby shower!! woot woot!!

    Love you