Friday, January 7, 2011


HAPPY:)  BIRTHDAY KYLE! (one in blue), and of course my grands do not look happy:), they just fight me with my camera!! but anyway Kyle is "13" today!  I love you Kyle, and am so Happy :)God blessed us with you! ~you are a child that can so aggravate your cousins, you are a child that loves your sports,(basketball, & simply "Hearts" (BASEBALL!)~ you are a child that does not get in a hurry for anything, you are a child that can get so involved in your video games that you can tune out all things around you, and you are a child that can display your emotions that can bring us all just right down to our knees!  But guess what?.... GOD SAYS ABOUT YOU... YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE!! (Psalm 139).  So your Nana just says to God! You did a great job on Kyle! Thank You Lord; for Kyle in his very own unique creation was made just for us!! I love you so very much, and my Prayer for you is that you will never forget the one that created you, you have been saved and baptized in the Holy spirit and may that spirit keep your young heart in tune with all that He has for you!  HAPPY:) BIRTHDAY!


  1. My 16 year old son is the same way with having his picture taken unless he's acting silly with his friends. But let me get out my camera and he will barely crack a smile! lol

  2. Hi! I just chuckled over this picture...mostly with your grandson on the far right. Isn't that just typical boy? :) I know you are just the best grandmother.

    So funny you had this soup today! Try the recipe, I do think you will like it!!


  3. my grandkids get tired of me and my camera too! this is precious - happy birthday kyle!

  4. Tell Kyle Happy 13th Birthday.

    He's blessed to have a Nana that loves him so much.

    God bless