Friday, November 19, 2010

Love "you"~ Sweet Friend!

Hi! Sweet Friends, I just got home and read your comments on my post this morning, Girls I Love you all so much! and yes! today I have cried on and off all day, I just have to be honest and say today has been one of those days! Brandi and I have been in Tyler all day shopping for my granddaughter's winter clothes, and I have been so emotional. But we had a wonderful day and I just am so Thankful that I can help with the Grands, and so happy:) to be able to buy them new things! Thank You Lord, but just wanted to say Thanks to all of you for your Love and Prayers when I am so Human! Will talk to you tomorrow, Until then~~ *I THANK GOD EVERY TIME I REMEMBER YOU!

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  1. Bless you dear friend! Love you and praying for your sweet heart