Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy:) & Sad:( Together!

Good Friday Morning! girls just sharing my memories today~ first of all it is my brothers Birthday!! I want to wish "AL" a very Happy Birthday! I love you Brother! Girls~ I Thank God for my 2 brothers and sister this morning and the very close relationship that we have! It is truly a Blessing to be at Peace with one another! ~ and the second memory this day is that it is my Mom's 6 yr. passing from this life into the presence of our Lord and Savior. Yes she passed on my brother's Birthday, so I guess I feel a little "Bitter Sweet " this morning. but I know that God has got me covered with my thoughts, but the "Human Emotions" can certainly bring to mind all of the memories of "Back Then" {which is perfectly normal} and because of the Holidays approaching and all that comes with this time of year it just kinda makes me Sad in my spirit, but I know~ that I know ~GOD IS ALREADY THERE!! Thank You Lord for my memories; for they enrich "My Heart and My Life " and I can With All That's Within Me Say ....................

*In Loving memory~ {Margie Skinner} Mom I miss You, but it brings me J~O~Y, in knowing that you are well, and that you're not struggling anymore with "Alzheimers" disease and your MEMORY is so perfect!! I Thank God for all the years that He gave me You!! and He chose you to be My Mom! I Love and Miss you Dearly.

Girls~ Hope you have a Blessed Day of Warm and Happy:) Memories!


  1. Hi sweet friend, What a nice tribute to your brother on his birthday. Immediately when I read the rest of the post I started to pray for you this day because I so understand how you are feeling. It brought tears to my eyes and I pray the Lord will bind up your wounds/grief today and that the memories of your mom will bring a smile to your heart.
    With much love,

  2. Took a quick break from studying..and oh, I'm so tired I almost wrote "Brake"--but I guess it could be that, because I'm "stopping" my studying for a moment. LOL Anyway, I am glad I could stop by, because now I can give you a big hug. MMMmmmmmmm! I'm thinking of you. My sister passed away on my grandmother's birthday, and had to be buried on Bryan's birthday. . .and the very next Sunday was Mother's Day. The timing was just "not good." But I can relate to the feelings you find yourself dealing with this time of year. That's why I wanted to say HI, HELLO, I'm thinking of YOU, sending YOU a great big hug, and wishing you a happy day!!
    Love and hugs to you!!!!

  3. Oh Kay. This is a precious post heart is with you. As I come up to the first anniversary of my daddys passing I understand your hurt! May you feel the Lords arms around you and bring you Comfort!

    Love you friend!

  4. Hi Kay,
    I pray that today is a better day for you.
    Praising GOD that your Grands are near and that you can spoil them!
    Losing a parent is such a life-impacting experience. May our happy memories be an anchor when the grief of their absence washes over us.
    Soon and very soon we will be re-united!

    "Thank You JESUS for the gift of eternal life, and the assurance that as believers, we all will be with You, together!"