Sunday, September 12, 2010

Please , Pray for these {2} Sisters!

Good Afternoon Girls! just got home from church and eating lunch, Just feeling tired today, not going to do much this afternoon, and probably the Sunday Supper for the family is going to be Hot Dogs, baked beans , and chips. But anyway read a update from Jan @ Quilting in Davie, and ladies don't forget to lift her "radically"up! to the throne, she has just been recently diagnosed w/ breast cancer, and a few weeks ago started experiencing severe headaches, and was just diagnosed with a Brain tumor! I just started following her a couple of months ago and she sounds like she is a "Hoot", and makes life fun~ (and )~another is Deanna @ HomeHaven Ministries Just got home from second cancer surgery on her thyroid. Said she is so uncomfortable! So here I set complaining about feeling tired! Oh! Lord forgive me for that complaint!! In Jesus Name. Please share with others; these girls need for us to stand in the G.A.P.(God Answers Prayer). And Pray! Thanks so much in joining me, for if there is two or more gathered, God said I will ever be present! Have a Great Evening!


  1. Dear One, Thank you for praying for me...words aren't adequate to thank you, but it is an attempt to let you know how greatly I appreciate your kindness and prayers. Truly I have been deeply touched by you and others that pray for those in need.

    The body of Christ is beautiful.
    I have lifted Jan in prayer and will continue to pray.

    God richly bless you!

  2. Will pray for both of them. All we need do is look around to take our mind off self!

  3. Thank you for letting us know about these two special sisters! I will think of and pray for them as often as the Holy Spirit reminds me of them. I know whenever I'm feeling down or tired, it will certainly help to think of them and others who are suffering so much more, and praying for them is such an honor.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog too. I wanted to respond to your comment. Sent an email, but think it went to "noreply." Oops. Anyway, thanks so much for your bubbly encouragement! Sending hugs! Have a great day.

  4. Will be praying for both of these dear ones.