Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blog Friends make Life Special!

Brandi's Blessings and Nana's Nugget's ........:)

Good Sunday Morning Girlfriends:), Hope you are having a great week-end! My daughter and I had our yearly garage sale on Saturday, had it early this year because of the heat that has already set in! We had a good turn out, I can just walk around my house and pick up "little dusty" junk, and pick up a couple of extra $$$'s. Oh, yeah , and it is spent probably before I get home!! But anyway just a quick Hello, and a great Big "Thank You" to the Blog Friends I have picked up just the last few days!! Just love having friends, they make this journey a little easier, someone to chat with, share with, and Laugh with,etc..., Gotta make life fun! and by the way my daughter just entered into the Blog World, Her Blog page is Brandi's Blessings! so now you all can really get into our lives, and a whole lot of (DRAMA)!! HA-HA!! We are going to make this fun, sometimes I know it will be sad:(! but its all called Life! and our prayer is to Bless your Hearts with the Love of Jesus that we share!! together and with you!! God Bless you, as you are part of our Journey!

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  1. Bless you~ So happy to see your daughter enter the blogging world! It is wonderful to have others that share their joys, sadness and that we can encourage each other...such a blessing! Have a wonderful Sunday.