Thursday, April 8, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days that it just kinda turned out to be what is going on with me? Well today was one of those days! I had an appt. with my ob/gyn in Corsicana. I left early to do some shopping, went to Cato's to return some things, was looking for a simple something for my son's wedding, they had just put out some really cute denim skirts, since the wedding is kinda a western setting I thought this would be cute since it was a long straight one, tried it on and it looked good, but seemed to be a little tight around the waist,I thought this must be mis-sized! Yeah right!! but went ahead and got it! Left there went to another place, didn't have time to eat lunch, went on to my appt. Called me back and of course had to weigh me and sure enough that scale weighed me about 7lbs.more since I was there in January. OK I knew immediatley that those scales was weighing too heavy! the nurse proceded to take my blood pressure, said let me retake it in other arm, she then said your blood pressure is very high! OK, again! by this time I was so anxiety ridden that I was panicked. Dr. Evans came in and said what is going on with you? Lets talk about it: Weight gain, blood pressure very high, and then the inital problem I came for, She said well that dosen't look good either. So I left the office a total "basket case"! I decided that I better come on home take my B/P med. and lay down. So I didn't stop at the Chinease Resturant to eat that I really enjoy, nor
finish the last bit of shopping. Ok at this post time B/P is down and got about an hour nap this afternoon. Sometimes when things began to "spiral down", thats when we have to Trust God all the more! Thank You Lord for your Love!:)

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