Monday, April 26, 2010

I Got Into Trouble!

Good Morning, just sharing a trouble moment to start our Monday! on Sunday after church, Brandi and myself enjoyed an afternoon and went to the Spring Cardett Show at TVCC. We really love this little production every year as it brings back sweet memories of our Aunt that was a dance teacher and a fanantic for any kind of musical. So we attend this in her honor! It was a very good production. After this we went to my son's house,( Oh! just to let you know, the marriage happened and I am officially a "empty nester"!! Pics soon I promise!) Anyway we went to the house to help them start putting things in order, and just stayed a couple of hours because their electricity and water was off due to the wk-end storm, so we were limited with time. Brandi, Charlotte, and myself left all at the same time coming to my house for that Sunday evening Family dinner. OK, I decided when I got back into town, (they live about 6 miles out in the country), I would run to the post office and mail some stuff that should have been mailed on Friday!! I had to go inside and ran into a very good friend of mine and we started talking, ( Now this is where I lost track of time, And the big problem is that I am without a cell phone right now because mine broke about a wk. ago and just haven't stopped to go get another one.) but anyway about an hr.or so later I told my friend that I must go because I knew family would be looking for me!!!! guess what when I pulled into my driveway my son met me at my car and said Brandi and Charlott have been up and down Cross Rds. highway searching for you frantically, call her now!!!!
When I got her on ph. she was crying hysterically and said Mom!! you better be at that Verizon office when they unlock the doors Monday morning!!!! Don't ever put me thru this again!!! Then my daughter-in-law drove up and all she could do was cry because of the stress that I had caused!! Girls I really felt bad because I did not realize the fear I had left them with because all they knew, is that we were all coming to my house together !! To my girls, I am so sorry for putting you through this drama!! Thanks for loving me and looking for me!!:) I promise I will never do this again! and yes I did deserve that "chewing out" that you gave me. Love you both!!

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