Friday, April 23, 2010

God Says ... Let Me Handle It!

Well we finally made it to the day of my son's wedding!! So, the early riser that I am have already put the punch together, have the ice cups in freezer, amd gathering up all the stuff that I need for the reception. Now you know that there is always something else that we need to make it complete, so the list is already in the making as well, so that "Happy" little Walmart trip is in view! You need to know that this is a very simple wedding since she and he has done this in the past! But for her my son wanted a "Wedding" since she has never had one.(just a JP the first one.) and I get really "stressed" even if it is just a very simple event, and don't throw me something that was not in the original plan! Which of course that has already happened! So I said to myself , I know God will work this out, (Kay, just take a "Deep Holy Breath", and let me take care of it!! So for today in the working it out, and the preps we will pull this off, and I will start a "new chapter" in my life after 7 pm on this day! (Its called "The Empty Nest":)! What will I Do??
This is a little thought that I have on my fridge, have to read it often:
Good Morning,
I will be handling your problems today,
So have a Good Day!

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