Friday, September 2, 2011

A~to~Z thoughts~.....this hour!

Good Afternoon~ It's almost , so close~ for those Fall decorations! Now if the weather will cool off, we are set to go with it!! Next week sounds wonderful for some much needed cooler weather!! for E.Texas.  Whoo~Yoo!! Like so close I can taste It:))) LOL! Hope this finds all of you doing well. My thoughts are going this way and that this day~ kinda like I just don't know where my emotions are going to settle! I'm having some  Health Issues, that is bugging me crazy!! My daughter is having some issues that seriously need some prayer, not health but in another area! I just told her a bit a go that we will "REIGN DOWN" JEREMIAH 29:11 OVER HER!  and ~yesterday afternoon got word that my sweet little S~I~L~ has been diagnosed with a very rare form of Cancer and needs treatment ASAP! and medically speaking was told that life exspectancy with type of cancer is about 5 yrs. What? the World!....ok~ what do we do? Ladies all I can come up with is Talk to the Father, sometimes when I get here..all I can do is recite The Lord's Prayer~ OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN......and that's where I am at! So for today just hear my Hearts Cry and to remind you and me  that LIFE is so Short and we must make every day Count no matter where You find yourself . Praying for all of you that you have a Fun and Safe Holiday Wk~end!! Praise the One That Gives Us Life!;))).


He wants us to have Faith that does not complain while waiting, but rejoices because we know our times are in His Hands~ nail scarred hands that labor for our Hightest Good. (Kay Arthur)


  1. Just prayed for your sister in law and agree
    for peace and strength for her as He works
    His wonders in her body. We have to stand
    strong on the Word and the Blood.
    Love & Prayers,

  2. Praying for you and your family, sweet Kay. I love how you always look Up, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.
    May you sense the presence, power and peace of Christ in very real, tangible ways this weekend.
    Sweet blessings,
    Cindy :)

  3. Lifting you and your family in prayer. We serve a mighty God. May you know His peace, power, and strength. Have a wonderful holiday week-end! HUGS

  4. Dear Kay, I'm echoing the prayers above and adding my own. Praying that the Lord will increase all of your faith and that you will see Miracles from above; may His glory fall on each of you. Please know you can email me at for more prayer, should it be needed. Thankful you all are having cooler weather and it looked like a storm was approaching.
    Sending love & prayers, Noreen

  5. Eager to see fall also. It will no doubt get up into 100's today. Praying for your requests!

  6. Dearest Kay,

    Joining with you in prayer for your sister-in-love. Those times when all we can utter is "Our Father Who Art in Heaven"'s enough. Praise God for the Holy Spirit translating for us. Blessings in Christ...Susan