Friday, April 15, 2011

yes~ I am begging!....

Happy:) Friday Morning! just sharing a quick post this morning, I have to get to Lowe's and get  the hardware for new bath~tub and shower to be installed ASAP! I had a hectic day yesterday with all the tearing up of my 2 bathrooms, I have a huge ugly space in my front bathroom! I so Pray that new one will be on the truck today!!!  Please all of you~ lift this request up! I again~ took it for granted...that a bath tub is so vital! Now I don't have one~ and could be even Monday!! Please God! I will Thank You! and Praise You for my Bathtub!!  On top of every thing yesterday, when listening to the cracking, banging, hammering, all day, no water, I went into my kitchen to get a coke, and lo and behold there was a huge "lizard" in the floor! Now~" I DO NOT", REPEAT~"DO NOT"~ DO LIZARDS!  of course! I screamed! the guy that was in one of my baths, said he heard it! I ran to get him~ told him I would pay him extra! to get that lizard! He did track it down~ I was mortified! So to say the least I will be looking every where for these little critters! Please God ~ please! no critters that keep me in a panic! I just ask for Peace!!  and tranquility through this process. OK~ that brings us up-to-date on the baths! to be continued.... Hope you all have a "Rosy Day"! (PS~ pic is a little bouquet of roses my daughter brought me from her rose bush! Remember~ A ROSE SAYS...I LOVE YOU!!



  1. I don't like lizards, snakes, or spiders,
    Kay so I know how you must have felt. I
    will be praying that all goes well and that
    you will be enjoying a long soaking bubble
    bath this weekend!

  2. Praying all is well with you! Stopped in to say have a blessed Holy week!