Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting Ready~ to Smack that Ball!

Good Monday afternoon! this day has flown by~ just so you will know these 4 are gearing up for the baseball season, yes all 4 are playing this year and I have tried to figure out how am I going to make 4 games a week?~ 2 will be playing in Athens, and 2 will be playing here in Malakoff! the practice season is starting tonight!  I really enjoy watching them play!  But I just know I will work out these schedules! But anyway, I am lovin the weather we have been havin! Girls, its been in the upper 80's. I planted a few more plants this week-end! in my planters, and have been watching a bird build her nest right above my garage door, between the 2 motion lights~ I love to watch this process~ mama bird has been really busy! Also I baked 2 pies, yesterday afternoon~ I did said I baked them! Yes I did! I have never done this before~ now my Mom was always my pie baker, and I so miss her pies! and everything else she baked! Since I lost her I have always had a lady bake my pies, but I said no way any more because she kinda quit baking! But I was shocked myself, I baked a chocolate pie last week, and made coconut cream(mereighn and all)~ yesterday, now for the crust , not tried that yet but for a fill in, I found Marie Callender pie crusts! This product is wonderful, in the frozen section her products are really good, especially her dinner rolls!, frozen pies and such~ but I just put my mind to it and am doing my own !  So now that you know that! just say Yummmmmmy! and I will mail you one!! Ha~Ha! I know sorry!  but I am just bragging on me right now!(HA!) Anyway~ hope you all have a Happy:) sunshiney week, and make it with all the Sweet Things you can!


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  1. The grandkids are precious, Kay.
    My mom was a wonderful pie maker. She
    could make any kind and they would turn
    out delicious and beautiful-just perfect.
    Mine taste good but aren't as pretty
    looking as hers were.
    Happy Spring!