Wednesday, February 16, 2011

have~ A~ "colorful"~day!

Good  Morning! Girls~ is this not so pretty! It was a sunset a couple of days ago~ of course camera cannot capture it's true beauty!  Colors were extraordinary! I love colors~for they capture the fun of your soul! speaking of colors~ I have painted my kitchen{about 1/2 of it! still}....the more I look at the color the more I am saying....Yummmmmm! Not!!.... my son said~ just can't get into it... daughter says....well? kinda makes me feel I have come to Ochoa's to eat!! {That's a little Mexican Food place in my town!} {now! what does that tell you?Ha~Ha!}  OK~ I have to do something; the only thing I know to do is just start over; (not happy:( with me!)~ which means go now and buy more paint, because I have to get the one with the primer in it! So I  don't have to do a double paint job! The color I chose, to me just did not look like the color I expected! and to the add to  my aggravation about it, is that this is something I have to finish, even tho I have been dealing with a little arm problem~ called "Tennis Elbow"! ~ and this has not been very good~ I have really been babying this arm, I cannot figure out how one little spot in the arm can be so painful!  but I went to the chiropractor yesterday, he really did a couple of things that made it feel better! wrapped it in a hot wrap, and did ultrasound on it, In fact~ this morning(I think).. it's not so angry feeling!!  Will get that little band on~ASAP! Now to say all of that.. I hope you do not have any little aggravations today! and you will have a Glorious Day! with all of God's Creations and all of His Colors to absorb!  I just don't want to miss any of them! Love and Blessings for a "Colorful" Day! :) *MAY YOU BE BLESSED BY THE LORD, THE MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.               Psalm 115:15{NIV}


  1. Oh Bless your heart! I am so sorry the first round didn't work out AND you got tennis elbow too! Praying your next choice far exceeds what you wanted and it doesn't need that extra coat!! Praying for your arm too! That hurts soo much!

    Sending you love and hugs today

  2. It was a gorgeous day here with lots of sun, blue sky and high 60's! That is a lovely photo. Bless you.