Wednesday, January 19, 2011

don' tell~ GOD~ how big your "Storm" Is..........

Good morning girls~ Have you ever heard this little saying?.....If you're not in a Storm, get ready!... or if you're in a storm, stay strong!....or if you have just come out of out, probally another is coming...., OK, just a quick note this morning ... to let you know that a few days ago I asked you to pray for my son Bryan.... AND THE NEWS IS THIS....JUST PRAISING THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER!! because it is a Praise! Thank You Lord! , a short recap.... when he went to ER, last week with the Flu, X-rays, showed something on one of his lungs, he had to go for a CT scan, Monday, ER Dr. was concerned... But praise God!! Yes!~ Lord! ~Yes! You proved the spot Wrong! His CT Scan showed all is clear. Thank you Girls for being a part of answered Prayer! Now ~ as we speak....get ready.....My daughter is in the hospital... she called me yesterday morning from a ER, a short distance from her school where she teaches, and we have a "Pancreases problem", so off to a hospital stay for a few days to get this calmed down! WoW!~~~~~~ she has been experiencing some "little spells" in the past few months...but you would have to know Brandi and her attitude is usually...I am fine, or I don't have time for this...... but there she is..just having to "REST"! But ~the good news is~God is in Control! and I must practice what I Preach..TRUST, TRUST, TRUST...the one that I know to be True and Faithful and that is My Lord and Savior! so for today I must TRUST!! and Know that Brandi his in his Hands! and that He will PROVE HIS SELF IN THIS "storm "as well! Will leave you with this little thought that I saw on a Church sign....DON'T TELL GOD HOW BIG YOUR STORM IS...BUT TELL YOUR STORM HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS!  



  1. I love that, tell your storm how big God is. Praise HIS name. Praying for Brandi right now.

  2. This gave me encouragement today. Thank you for sharing and I will be praying for all of you!

  3. I have that quote about telling the storm
    how big your God is in one of my quote
    journals and I love it! Wonderful news
    about Bryan and I know you'll have more
    wonderful news about Brandi. Keep us
    posted with the praise reports, Kay!
    I'm praying.