Monday, January 10, 2011

CON'T~ on" The bug"?.........

Hey girls, just so you will know sometimes me and computer just do not have the same mind! I almost lost again! my morning post! On the" Bug"! I was trying to finish my scripture find and the page just jumped around and I had to run to find it as well! but I did retreave it, but it will not let me do a correction, or comment!, but the scripture was found in Psalm 34:4{NIV}. I like to make sure that if you so desire, that you can look and read the word! For the word is our very HOPE! ~Happy:)  Day!!


  1. Dear Kay, Here praying for protection for all of you and a super quick healing for your grandson. You may want to up your garlic intake and keep drinking lots of fluids.
    I'll be watching to see how it goes.
    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Oh My... I know what you mean about the bug. I have finally gotten well from being sick all last week. It went through most of my family too. It started out with my dad, who we had to take to the ER a couple of weeks ago and from there the rest of us. Pray you killed it before it takes another victim.