Monday, December 27, 2010

PRE~ New Year~" thoughts"........

{"look" into the ~Future!
Happy Monday Morning! Whoo~ the morning after!! We had our Family Christmas yesterday, the "wrapping paper" is settling! ~no doubt I am tired this morning but have started cleaning , getting Christmas decor down, and boxing up! But we had a wonderful Christmas  "Blessed" beyond words! so what's next? ~ the New Year is about to begin~ and here we are with all our "resolutions".......What we are going to change?......maby new jobs, maby new locations, maby facing some drastic health changes that will be keeping us in some medical facility, maby a expectation of handling our finances differently in the coming year, and yes~ that always # 1 issue and that is our eating habits, will exercise more, or just get it started! I know that is not a fun subject~ but on the news interviewing people that seems to be the biggest one! but just thinking about it this morning and to add to that Lists~ you never hear anyone say ...... "To Serve My Lord," better than the last year, or just to start worshiping Him period! girls , my Prayer for {myself }is that I want to Serve Him, draw closer than ever before, and that's what I told my Adult Children yesterday, Is that you better get closer than ever before!  Just sharing my pre-"New Year" thoughts with you this morning and just know that I look so forward to starting my "New Year" with your Friendships and Sharing Jesus together and learning more about "Him" through You! I Love you all and have been so delighted and Blessed to have you a part of my Life this past almost 1 year of my Blog~A~Versery! No~ doubt about it that I have an "Addiction"~ is called Blog~fanatic! Ha~Ha!}. Have a Wonderful Day!



  1. Good Morning Kay, So thankful you had such a nice Christmas; you are so efficient to take all the decorations down today-me I'm leaving them up til next Sat. I love your focus on drawing nearer to the Lord. BTW, Happy almost Blogaversary. I like you have found such joy in this new hobby.
    May we grow deeper still in Jesus in the coming year.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Kay....I couldn't agree with you anymore! That is my number 1 love, to know, to serve, to worship HIM more and more no matter what I do! Then, LOL I can add almost everything else you shared! Eating, exercising, money are all on the list as well!

    Love you! Glad your Christmas was so wonderful! Our was as well! Best ever!