Wednesday, November 3, 2010

*you are ~"SAFE!"

I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU, LORD ; YOU HOLD ME BY MY RIGHT HAND. {Psalm 73:23} Happy:) Wednesday Morning! OK, have you ever had the aggravation of the computer not doing what you want it to? I had a picture that I was trying to upload to share with you and it just would not work!! I prayed over it and it still would not come up, so I decided to see if another would come up and it just popped up! Well, maybe this is the one I was suppose to use, but my message is the same to you this morning and that is just the "Serenity Of Our Lord Jesus"! Satan does not want to hear it but my heart is saying just "Rest" in His Promises that He has got you covered in any situation that we find ourselves in! When our Human gets the best of us we have to remember that His word says~ SEE, I HAVE ENGRAVED YOU ON THE PALMS OF MY HANDS; YOUR WALLS ARE EVER BEFORE ME. Isaiah 49:16{NIV}~ I just realized that "palms" and "hands" were in plural, so that tells me that we are engraved on both of His Hands!! Is that just not the greatest message for today! Praying that you have a day of Peace~ and Security~ in knowing that in ~His Hands ~we are "SAFE"!


  1. IN HIS HANDS we are safe.
    IH HIS HANDS we can do anything
    IN HIS HANDS is peace
    IH HIS HANDS we find comfort!

    I love to be IN HIS HANDS at every moment of the day and night! :) Great post Kay! Have a blessed day

  2. Yes, this is a great and encouraging word
    today, Kay. In His presence is fullness
    of joy and in His hands is peace and