Friday, November 5, 2010

Prayer~ "Time"~ !

Happy:)~ Friday Morning Girls, I think I just figured it out why I can't post pics, I have ran out of space with "Picasso!" I opened up a little "? "on the bottom of my page where I upload pics, and this is what it was telling me! and on top of that they want money to add more space! So I don't add anything until I have help, So this wk-end I will get Brandi to do this!! she will be here because we will be celebrating her "Birthday"! She has already received one of her gifts from me and that was a trip to beauty salon for her highlights yesterday. But anyway, just to let you know that late yesterday I started this little hacking cough!, and this morning it kinda wants to have that deep kinda of "Barking Cough" I do not have time for this! I have to go and get rest of my decorations for my table @ church for Monday night is the "Christmas Table of Tours", so please "Pray" for me that this feeling of Bronchitis that is lurking! ~ I will "shake it off!! Also while we're on "Prayer" for now I will just say that I have a very serious un-spoken, Please Pray~ for this decision & direction as well! OK, Warm Blessings to your Heart ~from mine for a wonderful week-end! (Remember~~~ Change your Clocks!:) ~ for Time is still ticking away!! Thank You Lord for every second that you give Us!!



  1. I found my way here via Fresh Oil Today and am glad I did. I'm adding you to my blog list so I can come back to visit. So many kindred spirits here in the blogs. lol

    (p.s. I'm having a cookbook giveaway at my blog if you're interested.)

  2. Hey! Long time no-check-in, I know. Been so wrapped up with everything. Wishing for a moment to take a nap. LOL Anyway, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for this cough and also the unspoken. I was sick for over a week not long ago---miserable. So I hope that you will bounce back QUICK!! bOiNg! Take plenty of Vitamin C and try to REST. I know. What's THAT!?? :) Anyway, it's the thought that counts, right? Wish we could "think of rest" and all of a sudden feel rested! HA Anyway, hang in there and thanks for checking on me. Hope you feel better SOOOOOON!

  3. Hi Kay,
    Sorry you don't feel well. I'll just pray now;

    Lord, I pray for Kay's cough that it will not get any worse, and for quick healing. I pray that she will be able to get good sleep, and that her family and friends will be able to help with anything she needs during this time of not feeling well. Father you know what her unspoken need is, and I prayer for your peace to fill her heart, as she waits for your answer to her prayer according to Your will.
    In Jesus name,

    God Bless you,
    Michele Katherine

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling
    well. I have prayed and will continue to
    pray for a quick recovery, that no one
    else in your family gets this sickness,
    that you are able to get everything done
    that you need to do. For the unspoken
    request, I pray for direction and peace
    about this decision that needs to be made
    in the name of Jesus.

  5. Hi there, I am lifting you up even as I write this. Sorry also to hear about the Picasso issue-you are the second person who I know is dealing with this. I don't use the program but I have a hunch that blogger may be pushing this too.
    Hope you get it figured out.
    Hugs and please rest up.

  6. Praying you feel better and your picture issue is resolved quickly! May the healing power of the Great Physician touch you in a powerful way!

    Love and hugs! and virtual chicken soup sent your way ;)

  7. Just getting by here to see you and I pray that you are feeling better!!! Praying the LORD's touch on you even now...

    blessings and hugs!