Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knowing ~ Believing~ Forgiven!

Good Thursday Morning, hope you have a good week! Ladies things are looking up, My sister called me last night. when she calls me from the hospital that it is good sign, she is doing much better!! Oh; my she even asked me to fix her some chicken and dumplings when she came home,
So with that request I will follow through! Ladies~ I feel so Blessed this morning, knowing that earlier this week that I just kinda lost my way for a moment, and all the more a couple of days ago I realized(one more time) that this "Fretting and Worrying" is useless, it wore me out, and took me a couple of days to recover! But this morning I really feel like I went through those moments of feeling overwhelmed due to the fact that when I laid this down, I was restored to the Fathers arms and really felt that when I let go of that "control" thats when He could move in and "Fix It." So with that said~ I had to learn one more time, it's not about me! and my problem of wanting to control every issue that I think is not going my way! {Ouch!)......., But all "Honor and Praise" to God is what it is all about! Thank You Lord! for the continual, staying on top, never letting go, nudging of the Holy Spirit within my "Spirit" to Remind me of Your constant Power and Love. *final thought~Father forgive me, for I fall so short, Thank you for your longsuffering and patience with me! and that you are a God of second chances, I pause now~ to Praise You ! and Thank You for your Love, for it covers a multitude of sins. In Jesus Name. Amen.

*I write to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of His Name. 1st John 2:12{NIV}


  1. Oh yes, those precious second chances sweet sis, I love you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart and I'm thanking GOD for what He's doing in and through you.

    Glad to hear your sister is feeling better. I said a prayer for you both.

    Blessings and peace!

  3. Praise God!! So happy to hear that your sister is doing better~ any request for a special food is always a good sign. As always your post touched me and reminded be to be faithful.
    Love and blessings,