Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy:)~ with "Random" thoughts!

We are going to do "HAPPY:)" this Friday Morning! Hope you're coffee was good! I will tell you that I brought my sister home from hospital yesterday! yea!. It was in the upper 40's this morning here in E.Texas., sure sign of the season coming to pass! I have to clean house this morning, I have been on the go for a solid week now and I have just got to do it! But looking at my ceiling fans last night that s what I have to do! and with them whirling you can't see the dust! Can you believe its already the middle of October?, and I saw my first Christmas commercial on TV this morning! OK, just let it slow down please! but with all this rambling going on this morning, lets take time to Pray, and Thank God for this is another Day that He has Made, and let it find us "REJOICING"! Love and Fall Blessings to you for a Happy:) Week-end!

*But may the righteous be Glad and Rejoice before God; may they be Happy and Joyful. Psalm 68:3(NIV).


  1. Hello Kay,
    nice to meet you. I think your funny! I also can't believe we are in Mid October. I'm new to your blog. My mom grew-up in Waco Texas, but married my dad at 17 & moved to California where all my family resides. I hope you have a chance to visit me at my blog. God bless your day,
    Michele Katherine

  2. Enjoy your weekend sweet sis, love you.