Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How do you~ PERCIEVE your "BREATH"?

*FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, BUT THE GIFT IS ETERNAL LIFE, IN CHRIST JESUS,OUR LORD. Romans 6:23(NIV) Happy Wednesday Morning Girls:) Well , I played Bun- co last night and it was really a fun night out! I actually had "2" bunco's last night! Whoo-yoo!! the hostess had a wonderful meal, I have never had "squash enchiladas"?, but they were very good, she also had re-fried beans, salsa, green salsa, pico, and chips. Dessert was awesome, a chocolate type of cheese cake, made with nutello, and then a homemade coconut cake! OK, yes I did overeat!! {AGAIN!!}, GOTTA GET TO CURVES~{ASAP!!}(always say a prayer)~ will share recipies when she sends them. I am so Thankful for Friends!!
But onto my thoughts that have been so on my heart since last night, on the way home this song was on, and my mind ran to "BREATH"....... How do you percieve every breath that you take?....,
OH! Father Thank you for my Breath!!, the song says, that You are the Breath that I breath, the very air that I take! Oh! yes! which led me to research the scriptures for the "Breath"and how important it is because because our "Breath" leads to Life!!! So today when you Breath, Thank God for He Gave You "Breath" and therefore you Live! My Prayer for you is that you "Breath" the Breath of a wonderful, happy:), spirit filled life today!! To God Be The Glory!

*The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and BREATHED into his nostrils the Breath of Life, and the man became a living being. Genisis 2:7(NIV)

*And with that He Breathed on them and said " Recieve the Holy Spirit."John 20:22(NIV)


  1. Oh, I love this! He IS the very air we
    take in. His breath leads to LIFE!
    Beautiful! I will meditate on this
    all day.

  2. Good Morning Nana!! :)
    Sounds like a great night ~ and I'll look forward to seeing the recipes!
    Thanks for the breath reminder! I receive your prayer that I would "Breath" the Breath of a wonderful, happy, spirit filled life today!! Amen!!
    Love to you~
    Cindy :)