Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy:) ~ unhappy expressions:( just kids!

Cross Roads Elementary
Fall Festival 2010!

Good Tuesday Morning! Ok, just sharing a couple of pics of my HAPPY:) LOOKING FACES!! NOT!!(here lately they just will not let me take pics, I just told them I would post it with a sad face:( ! What do you think?(they really are fun! I took these to the Fall Festival at Rowdy's school last night! WoW! its been awhile since I did that! Of course they really had fun, just kinda let Kyle and Rowdy run....for they did not want to stay with Nana! but I went with Hannah and we had a fun time! She just kinda went from booth to booth, and I followed! She had a favorite so we finished using our tickets at her favorite game. But the boys wanted to just stay away from us, but we had a really fun time, and it was very cute watching all these little kids and the excitment that was going on! {CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING FROM THE LORD} Psalm 127:3
PS. I do have a t-shirt that says.... "My Grandkids Rock"!


  1. --Hope your having a nice day,
    I don't see sad faces, a lot of Kids, as they get about this age see a camera, and think it's using-up time that they could be running around having fun.
    Boys will be boys, they have so much energy, they think anyone over the age of 12 will slow them down :o) . I went on every field trip with my son from K-6th grade, and he preferred to only be with his friends. The girls that did not have a parent present, clung to me, and for years people thought I had a daughter not a son (ha).
    Michele Katherine

  2. Kids are funny! I drive mine crazy when I pull out the camera but now my daughter pulls out her camera too LOL Looks like the festival was fun!!

    Sooo glad to be back to blogging :) I missed everyone soo much!