Sunday, September 26, 2010

His Eyes are "WATCHING"!

Good Morning! Hope you had a good cup (or cups) of coffee! I just finished mine, and put my roasts in the oven for the Sunday Evening meal for family. I have to bake a cake for late birthday's since we did not get to celebrate hubby's or granddaughters last week-end! I am going to bake a red velvet cake, Hubby's fav. I took my grandson to Tyler yesterday and spent some time with him, we headed to Cavendar's for boots and jeans! Ever so often I take one at a time and have lunch and always something new! We had Mexican food, after we shopped. Had a special day. On the way home; girls! I had a big blow-out! my tire exploded! It really scared me, for this was the first ; but I got it off the road and called my son, which I knew he could not change a tire with that "broken wing"; I remembered I had the "Roadside Service," OK never had to use this either! OMG! that is a aggravating mess! to go through. I called the 800#, and here we go....... one automated question after another, punch this #, punch that #........., finally got a real person, she stated that she was in Michigan??? OK, took her forever to find Texas Hwy.31!!!! and then she says are you driving a Mustang?? I said NO! (never had one). Several minutes later she found closest city where I was, and said it will be about 40 min. for help! OK, will wait, so grandson and I sat, and sat, and waited! About an hour into the wait, I get a phone call and this man said; I am in Tyler and it will be about 2 hrs. before I can get to you, maybe a little longer!! I said please cancel this service, as my son came anyway and was changing the tire, (along with help from Kyle)! Thank you Brad& Kyle! I know you used that shoulder more than you should have!! But; you always come no matter what:) THANKS!! But; I will "Thank God" first and foremost because of that "PROTECTION"! I know that God sends his Angels to watch over us and protect us from the unknown! So that was my Saturday. Will keep Thanking God today for" His Eyes" that are moving to and Fro!! WATCHING!!!
{Note}: Even if there are hidden obstacles along the way, we need not stay paralyzed with fear. While we can see only the next step in front of us, God sees the whole path. He knows whats up ahead, and he will be our Faithful Guide till the end of our days.



  1. I love you sweet sis, be blessed.

  2. Wow, what an ordeal!
    But your Grandson will always remember being stranded with Nana! =)
    Praising GOD for always watching over us...we are a blessed people to have such loving care.