Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will the "Real Fred" {please} Stand Up; Or Lay Down!

Good Thursday Morning Girls,:), I have to tell you a really funny story! This brought laughter to our spirits yesterday just in time!( Me, Brad, and Brandi), and the main character is "Fred". OK, "Fred" is one of Brad's dogs. Everyday Brad comes to my house to feed and water the outside dogs. He lets them out of their pen to run! while he is here, well usually they hit the woods and take themselves on a Happy:) little run, chasing deer, and whatever! yesterday "Hank" came back, Fred did not! So Brad went to hunt him, No Fred! After about an hour of looking Brad needed to leave and I told him that Brandi and I would go look for him when she got home from a church meeting. so when she got here and we ate dinner off we went. She went one way and I another! where I live it is heavily wooded area, and behind me is a sub-division , that backs up to my house, and then there is a sub-division that is further down, so with cell phones in hand we departed, on my run, I was in the place that was the furthest , driving slow, I rounded the cornor and there sets "Fred" in someones yard! I stopped the car and this dog acted as if he knew my car, he came running sniffed the tires, and I thought to myself, this dog knows my car! So I got out in attempt to put this big black & white(stinking) dog in the car! No! he would just lay down and scoot and roll in the grass, so I said he will follow me (he's done this before), home so I turned around and started to call him, that dog would not budge, he just sat there, so I called Brandi, to come help me , and she was calling me and said I have "Fred" in my car and we're headed home! She said Mom this dog stinks!, I have to get home! I was dumb founded! I said no! I found Fred! This was so funny because the dog I spotted looked just like our Fred. I have never seen this dog before on our street~so there I was trying to coax this dog into my car in front of these peoples house! I left that dog sitting in the street, and came home to meet Brandi w/Fred I think!~ I called my son(he was laughing so hard at us!), and told him that if this was not "Fred"in that pen)! Sorry because the one we captured was going to stay in that pen!

Just had to share this with you because we so needed this "belly laugh", and this is what can happen around here that just comes out of no-where in our world!, this event was surley the one that broke our moment of silence!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, and may it be one of just 'deep down" fun stuff!



  1. Thanks for making me laugh, lol

  2. A great story (and a laugh or two)!!!!

  3. this made me smile! THANKS for sharing this! You brightened my day! :)