Monday, September 6, 2010

Expect a Miracle! ... (They contain {POWER!}

Good Monday(Holiday) to you!, first let me tell you that my daughter was playing with my blog yesterday; and we do not know how this back/ground got here. Not the one I chose but the template thing was not working for us yesterday! So be patient I will be changing to the "season" when she can fix it! But on to the thoughts that I must share with You! I will start by saying this: EXPECT A MIRACLE! {hope you believe in them}, because of what God's word says they are so Real! In Matthew ch.14; (2) miracle's was done; where Jesus fed the 5 thousand with just (2) fish, and (5) loaves of bread! WoW! and it states that they were all satisfied! The second miracle was when Jesus walked on water. ( Jesus replied to them that was terrified: It is "I" do not be afraid!. Oh! just think about just these 2, and remember others such as where He turned the "water into wine"; parted the Red Sea, into Acts ch.12, we read about Peter's miraculas escape from prision. Oh! yeah; Who is in control? Who takes care of us? These are just a few of many miracles that our Jesus performed. So what makes us doubt?!!!! {THE POWER!}, THAT HE HAS EQUIPPED US WITH TO FACE THE UNKNOWN.

*You are The God who performs Miracles; You display your Power among the peoples. Psalm 77:14(NIV).

*He made creeks flow out from sheer rock, and water pour out like a river. Psalm 78:16 (The Message).


  1. WOW, I needed to read this today!
    Believing HIM for a miracle in healing my left hip! Oh,I like this's refreshing for end of summer.
    Thanks for your precious comments on my blog. I always appreciate your thoughtful encouragements. =)
    And I want to invite you to follow along with me on my new blog:
    It would be a joy to have your company!

  2. I so needed that today Kay! As we are looking at how in the world we are going to pay for this adoption it was so great to be reminded that we do serve a God of miracles! I think Psalm 77:14 will be the next verse I memorize! Thanks for always being such an encouragement with your blog!