Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Good Wednesday Morning! Do you know what a "Broken Wing" is? Well if you have ever had a "Rotator Cuff Repair" on your shoulder then you can identify! My oldest son went thru this surgery yesterday!{OUCH}!!!! OMG! {OUCH}! again. I had this surgery a few years ago and trust me it is ruff!, most especially the physical therapy that follows, it seems that your arm will never be back to normal again! His surgeon did admit him into hospital afterwards, which I marveled at!, because anymore it is always Day surgery, and on top of all of this it appeared that everyone in Texas was having surgery, no doubt they were extremely over booked on that schedule! He was scheduled at 10:30 and finally came and got him at 12:30, but did not get out until 4:oopm. This was so supposed to be about an hour process. The gentleman that was in the room with him did not get to go to surgery until 9:oo pm, and he was scheduled actually at 9:00 am. Whoa! this will make one tired!! but none the less, I left about 10:00 last night and will be returning to hospital shortly, my daughter-in-law just called me and said that the shift change nurse just checked him and stated that he had a very "low body temperature" this morning; not sure what this is all about but will probably stay another day! So I know that this is the "Whats Love Like In Your Home Today?(OR SHOULD I SAY IN THE HOSPITAL TODAY:( , and I will say that today for me its Taking Care of My "Adult Child ", with a "BROKEN WING"!!
I Love You Brad, and I promise you will "Fly Again":)

Thought for today......, God's Love for you is too "BIG" to understand with your brain..... but its's not too "BIG" to feel with your HEART!

*I called to the Lord in my distress; I called to my God. From His temple He heard my voice.
2nd Samuel 122:7(Holman CSB).

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  1. Bless his dear heart. I will be praying for your precious son sweetie.