Monday, July 12, 2010

Water "your" Seed

It is Amazing! that such a beautiful
thing, starts with just a seed! Good Monday Morning! Hope you had a wonderful week-end!:),
Girlfriends, this morning I just want to share with you the thoughts of "A Seed." Have you ever thought of just how important we really are when "God Planted Us", and we began with just a seed? I was watching Joyce Meyer this morning and she touched on "the seed", and she expressed that when one comes to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, at that very moment we are
impregnated with the very seed of God! Wow! to know that we are "pregnant " with everything that God is, brings the thought to mind is that we absolutely have been gifted with all and completeness of everything that we need to Live Everyday, Every Moment in complete confidence of Jesus! that there is nothing that He is not aware of that His eyes are moving to and
fro, watching. Just take a moment and really absorb that thought! It really makes me just want to bow my head and ask for forgiveness, because here lately I just know that I have "failed the test", with my actions, words, thoughts, and deeds! Lord! forgive me that I have not portrayed You!, that this " Seed "has not produced growth, in the midst of "not watering" your child in moments of great distress! But you Oh! Lord quickly came back in and began all over with the "Water of Life" and restored my wilted soul! I Love You Lord! and Thank You for the restoration of "Fresh Water" in my Spirit, Soul, and Mind!

*I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, God made it grow.
*So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything , but only God who makes things grow.

*But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it , and by persevering produce a good crop.Luke 8:15.(NIV).

Final thought!: A Blessed person is one who is deeply rooted in the soil of God's word and who draws sustenance from His living water.

***I will "water today"! Will You?!***


  1. Oh my..this was just wonderful! Immediately I thought about the little seed..and how it has to "die" in order for the life of the plant to burst forth. Our flesh and sinful nature has to die daily, a little at the time, until His life blossoms! And how merciful He is in tending us so gently each and every day! Thanks so much for this reminder! :)