Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Day! Well; Kinda Sorta!

Good Evening Girls, Hope you have had a good day! I have had pleasant day. Well sorta! I went for my check-up to my doctor; here goes; I have blew it again! It seemed that all my blood work from a few weeks ago just went "South" on me , blood sugar , cholesterol, had my vit.d level checked said that came back exstreamly low, as well as my white cell count was elavated again! Oh! and on top of everything that was out of "whack", I have gained about 10 lbs!{this kinda pushed me over the edge}!, So by the time I left that visit I don't know if it was all that great of a day. Now let me say this, I just praise God that I did'nt get a diagnoisis of anything serious, but he said with "AGE" and not addressing these little problems can get me into big trouble! So again I have to make the choice to get busy! Kinda, like go on lettuce and water, exercise, take those meds, and I am so stubborn when I have to take meds, I just don't want to do it! (Lord! Please Help Me!), Sometimes I think that medication makes you (sicker). I know that may sound a little strange, but I think I got that concept from my daddy! So here's to tomorrow morning, I must get started on some changes again! and prayfully get things under control with all these little scripts! Final thought: My blood pressure was good today! My daughter says that is because I have been taking that "little pill" .......................:)
for that problem!! Have a Wonderful Wednesday! Help! I need your Prayers! (LOL!:) *Nana


  1. Dear One, I'll be praying for you!!!
    In Jesus name,

  2. Mom, QUIT FRETTING and START TRUSTING!!! You are going to be okay :) It is okay to have to take medicine...just do it and don't worry about it!! You are such a Godly woman, You know better that to give Satan ANY leadway into your mind...STOP THE WORRY!!! Praying for you a litte stronger today :) Love you lots~

  3. Sending prayers up for you dear.

  4. I am praying for you!! I know how awful it feels to start your day out with a cocktail of lovely prescriptions~ Yuck! No one likes it but if it keeps us going so that we can see another day and be around our loved ones...so be it. Take it one step at a time..really that is all we can do~ Know you are not alone...you have a lovely family and friends near and those of us out in the blogging world that will be lifting you up.
    Blessings and love,

  5. So nice to have you link up for my LOVE is in the air, meme. I hope you can play along next Wed. too.

    What great news about your blood pressure, praying your health is in tip top shape before you know it. :O)

  6. I can so relate to this post....I am hating being on prednisone and all it causes !

    I will pray you can have a desire to eat, exercise and take whatever it is that will help you!

    Sending a big hug over this computer screen!!
    Love you