Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something fun?!!(maybe), Mooooo! Hello!!

Mooooo!!! Hello!!
OK Girls!! never thought I would need this photo!, told my son Brad just take the cow pics off, I don't want those for my blog; well guess what? it goes perfect with the story!! I wanted a horse pic but he didn't have one on here, but you will get the jest of it anyway. I am preparing to go to help with our church's VBS this morning, and I will be involved in the "Saddle Ridge Ranch Round-up!! event!! Now I do not do the "cow thing", my boys have been involved oh! about since they were 10 or so! All I really did was drive them to the location of these babies and let them do "whatever" you do, feed, water, and brush when it was time for the yearly live stock show! That was the full extent of the daily runs ,(back then)! I still don't get involved!! But this morning I will "saddle" my self up:)!, and get ready to try to control about a "Hundred" or better of these little "babies". I will be sure and let you know how my "ROUND-UP" goes today. Please pray for this "Nana" as she will be probably running around with the "bucket of feed" in desperation of trying to keep up! and catch me one of those "loose little babies"!! Now, I'm sure that you have "THE BIG PICTURE " of my day!! Blessings to all of you, as you Saddle Up! today:)!, Find the Love of God, and Seek Him Frantically in Everything that You Do!!


  1. Hope all goes well! =) Have a good day!

  2. Oh goodness ~ what an adorable picture you have painted! I will be praying for you but I also KNOW you will be blessing every child you are with today !!! Enjoy!

    My daughter has a huge wish just to TOUCH a cow!!! Why? I.don't.know! LOL

  3. You did great! Thanks so much for your help!