Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Berry Pick'in Morning!

Good Sunday Morning , how are you doing? Hope all is well with you! Just checking in to tell you that "This is the day that "He" has made; let us "Rejoice" and be glad in it". I had a fun Saturday, I have been wanting to go pick blueberries! I have been talking to some friends that have gone to pick these little things, and I was just determined that I had to go pick! So of course I "drug"(no I did not say:"drugged")ha-ha!), my daughter to this field that is about 15 miles down the road. She just acted like she did not want to do this!!, but she is so like her mother, she will submit even if she does not want to do something sometimes. But when we got there and got our buckets, and hit the long row(that looked to be a mile long), not just 1 row, this was a huge field; (blueberry bushes are beautiful)!, and you know about 15 min. into the "picking" she said this is really fun!! and relaxing! (Oh! yeah, she did say that! ha-ha)!, anyway;
my granddaughter went with us because she told her mother to wake her up, to go pick berries! Thank You! Hannah for helping Nana with a "sweet attitude"! Girls we had the best time! loved it! About an hour and half into it, and a full bucket of those "little" berries, it was getting "HOT", so we made our way back up that long row!, and just before we got back to the store, out jumped this "LIZARD", now just to let you know "I DO NOT DO LIZZARDS!!, but Brandi!! jumped in front of me, and protected me!! Praise God! I knew right then that she was in the right place at the right time! God already knew that I was going to need her!! (Brandi, you are Awesome!:). Love my Girls!:). We got my berries, bought a blueberry pie at their bakery, it was so good!
Me and My Girls, then had lunch, at this little country restaurant! It was the best!, finally got home about 1:00 or so and we all headed for the Swimming Pool!! Thank you Lord for our "Berry Pick'in Morning" and yes! even that little "jump'in lizzard"(yikes)! (PS.,did not get my pics down loaded yet, but go to "Brandi's Blessings" blog, and you get a look of our "first ever" to go pick anything!! So for today: Look for a Blessing! that God has already prepared for YOU!

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