Monday, June 28, 2010

Lift Up!

Good Monday Morning Friends, I just needed to share just a little of whats on my Heart this morning! I was reading some Blogs last evening and opened up "Kelly's Kornor" blog. Her title caught my eye! It was titled "Prayer Request". A few posts ago I just felt the need to request prayer for other "blogger friends", as several that I was clicking on just had "stuff" going on and various prayer request. As Kelly's plea was to join her in just "praying", this just caught my Spirit in a very strong urging, as "I found My Self ",requesting prayer for some disturbances that just "Plastered Me Yesterday! Yes! Satan really was busy (even on Sunday!). He just caught me so "off guard"! But I knew "deep down" quickly! that He was not going to win this "Battle" that He started!(I "smashed" Him with the name of Jesus)!. You see; as I was reading her comment section, is that there are so many that have so much going on whether it be personal, or truly "Heart Broken" situations. So for today Girls! please however you choose to "Pray" over these, Please lets join in Together! and Pray for Each Other!! To God Be The Glory! for He is The One That We Must Turn Our Hearts To, and seek His Face every moment, every minute, every second, of the Day! YES !LORD I AM WILLING TO PRAY FOR MY SISTERS IN CHRIST! Thank you Lord, for the "BLESSING" of Lifting My Sister's Up!and UP! and Up!

*Two are stronger than one, if one falls, the other will lift him up again. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

*God's there, listening for all who Pray, for all who Pray and mean it. Psalm 145:18
(The Message).


  1. Bless you for your praying heart!
    Thanks for being such an encourager.
    GOD gets glory as we lean on HIM.