Thursday, May 6, 2010


Good Thursday Morning! Well on previous post I asked myself if I was going to be productive yesterday? As tired as I was when I went to bed , I'm thinking that I did get something done. For starters I treated myself to breakfast at McDonalds!! (of course not near as good; as IHOP the day before when I finally got to Tyler!) but anyway I love the sausage biscuit and OJ. Left there and went to Lindy Mall to see if they had this little kitchen table that I saw about a month ago! NO I DO NOT NEED IT!! BUT I REALLY WANT IT!! and they still had it, (so I put it on lay-a-way! doesn't that just sound so broke!). But I told my kids that would be a perfect Mothers Day gift!!, they would'nt even have to go buy anything, just make a payment! (See how the plan works:)! then ran to grocery, finally got home around noon, ate lunch, and then started cleaning and packing my son's room in preparation for MY GIRLPOWER ROOM! and oh! my gosh there is yet another closet to clean! worked on that about 2 hrs., then decided I needed to get out and enjoy the Sun!, started picking up the branches that was still laying from last wk-ends storm! OK, now this was work; I did this for about 2 hrs., picked up 2 packed trash cans full and probally still have at least one more! but anyway I most definately feel that I did get something done! But for today, its laundry, change sheets day, and dusting day! so with all of this "stuff " to do I think it will be another productive day! I do not want to forget before I leave you to "PRAISE" my Lord for the strength that He gave me yesterday, and I know will give me the same today! THANK YOU LORD!! Have a Glorious Day WITH HIM!!

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Isaiah 40:31(NIV.)

PS) **Don't forget to "PRAY", It's National Prayer Day!! Lets do it together :) !

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