Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hey! girls, just wanted to say Good Sunday morning to you, I awoke at my usual time, about 1:30 am, for the bathroom run and a drink,(diet coke)! for some reason this is a time I wake every morning for that little event! and I just sat down at the kitchen table and just had this overwhelming feeling of being extremely Blessed!! Is'nt that a wonderful way to be awakened, and I was still feeling that way when I got up at 6 am. While having my coffee I have just been in that "deep down search" of just trying to tell God... "Thank You", for that Blessed Feeling!!, the birds have been singing their little hearts out this morning so that prompts me to say Thank You Lord, I can hear!! and already I feel really hungry, and there again I can say "Thanks" because I know that I will have my Sunday morning cinnamon rolls in just a bit! and the thoughts of being Blessed just keep coming. So sharing these couple of simple blessings with you, my prayer is that in some small way today; is that the Lord will speak to you and give you that "deep down" feeling of being "BLESSED". THANK YOU LORD!!

( This is just a little side note in my Women of Faith Bible that Barbara Johnson quoted, I thought this was interesting of what she said..... ), If we can keep our minds open to the Blessings, humor and education in whatever happens to us--- if we can set that little radar dish on top of our heads to constantly search for Blessings instead of disasters---- our lives will be enriched by the experiences we endure and we can grow from the calamities that fertilize our lives!

O Lord Almighty,
Blessed is the man who Trusts in you. (Psalms 84:12 NIV).


  1. what a great attitude to start the day =)

  2. Thank you for your comments to me. I am also very BLESSED by YOUR BLOG! It is an inspiration!

  3. I agree with Stacy...a great way to start the day! Thanks for your offer to watch my little sweeties...I may just take you up on that some time soon!:)

  4. Hi Kay!
    So blessed to meet you! Your blog is just lovely. Thanks for stopping in at mine. I am usually a pretty faithful follower, but this past month was a whirlwind. Don't think May is going to better any slower, so I will stop in when I can. School is really crazy this time of year.
    Have a blessed week!