Monday, May 3, 2010

A Clear Conscience

Good Evening Girlfriends, Hope your Monday was a good one! I had planned on going to Tyler today to do some shopping, but the more I thought about it for some reason decided not to go today; ( I'm pretty sure that God's words was prevalent about my plans, because He says .... "I know the Plans I have for you".....and it was not going to Tyler. But He already knew that I needed to be in my Bible Study class, so glad I went because God really spoke to me this morning! I have mentioned in previous post that this Bible Study is by Angela Thomas "When Wallflowers Dance"; and today was on, "A Clear Conscience". You know I did'nt realize until today this is very important in our daily walk! I know that a clear conscience brings peace, but she explained it much deeper than I imagined, here is a small paragraph from her book that kinda puts it into perspective:
We belong to God, and he has made a way for us to live in the light. We can live with a clear conscience because of the freedom Christ gives. We can pursue a clean life even if no one around us wants to go there, and even if others continue to remind us of our mistakes. We do not have to be shackled to guilt and the shame of poor choices for a lifetime. Because of Jesus, we can serve God with a clear conscience.
Is'nt that good news; so remember to Thank God for that promise!! Final thought from Angela: 1. Choose Freedom, 2. Choose Wisdom, 3. Choose the victory! for its already been Done!!

Keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.(1st Peter 3:16)NIV.


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