Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Theres Hope!/ It can Happen!

Just a quick post; as I said yesterday, a very busy week. This is the week my son is getting married! It seems that this has been a never ending story of getting their house ready, and moving from hers to his, plus you have all the little "bumps" to jump over in the process! such as breaker box keeps knocking everything out, small leaks in new water pipes , under-pinning for mobile home back-ordered!etc....,
but moving on in spite of....., I have been doing as much as I can to help them so I told future daughter-in- law I would do up all of her laundry this week, and you will never believe this that there were alot of un-mated socks!!!!!!!!!! have you ever expierenced this????!!!!.(sooo agrivating), but got it all washed and folded! Started on my own this morning and would you ever believe that I did not,"repeat" did not, have a missing SOCK!! they all matched!!:) So this is just to give you hope!! It can happen!! Have a Blessed Day, Story to be continued....!

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