Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just thought I would share with you what I just did!! I decided I would wash all of my throw rugs this morning. Now mind you these rugs have been washed a gazillion times!! but a while ago when I went to take them out of the washer ,pulled one out , I was bombarded with a face full of little " blue fuzzy" things that flew everywhere! those rugs were falling apart!! I cannot explain what just happened to those rugs! But this week there has been some things that are going on with my family that it reminded me that this is kinda where my feelings have been the last couple of days , just kinda "Fuzzy". I keep telling and reminding myself to Trust God, He knows all about it!! and that ( His Will be done), not mine! and I do know and believe that He will take care of this little " fuzziness" that is going on with me!:) To God Be The Glory, for his time.

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