Monday, March 29, 2010

Until Then or When?

This is for all of you ladies that still have adult children at home. Well my son is about to get married in April. I cannot believe that after about 9 years of my son moving back in with us after his divorce that he is moving out!! Now that I will be in the "Empty Nest " chapter of my life WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? I have been thinking about this alot and first of all I am going to re-do his room; I have great ideas that this room will be my little space!! already got colors going on in my head!! I will have a place to put my wicker furniture, to put my little touches of " girl power" in that room! I do not consider myself a decorator by any means but the vision of that room is very vivid!!!! I will have a camera by the time I start re-doing and I promise Pictures. In the mean time I will start cleaning out his closet; yes that is another closet that will wear me out!! but this is going to be fun especially when I get down to the painting; I love to paint ! its just getting it all laid out and started, but for now I have to wait until the dust settles when the moving starts! Yes I will keep you up with the TRANSFORMATION OF THIS ROOM!!!! UNTILL THEN............. GOD LOVES YOU AND ME!!!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the room! If you need somewhere to paint in the mean time I have 2 bathrooms that need painting!:)