Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Prayer Request...

Many of you are Facebook connected but I know it doesn't cover everyone so , as promised to my precious mother I wanted all her bloggy friends to be in prayer for my mom... She underwent open heart surgery today at 7:00 am, triple bypass. God is so good and is already there in the healing process, we jumped hurdle number one with success. Please join me in lifting my precious mother up to the throne of grace for a smooth second half!!! Much love to all~ Brandi


  1. Hey there Brandi....I just sent your mom an email...I didn't realize that YOU had written this blog update. I've been super stressed and busy with my school schedule and haven't been blogging lately. .. but had your mom on my mind this evening. . so I just hopped over to see if she had any updates. I did not realize that SHE has had the triple bypass. I do hope that she is recovering quickly. Please give her a hug and let her know her long-lost blogging buddy has checked in and sends big hugs.
    thanks for the updates. .

  2. I am so very sorry that I did not know about your Mom's surgery...I so hope she is doing alright. I'm so sorry that I didn't know. It has been a spell since I last visited. I will check back and hopefully you will have an update.

    God bless,

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