Thursday, July 26, 2012

"A" Grace~ that is Sufficient~ for Me ~ and You!~ 2nd. Cor. 12:9

Good Morning!  Well let me see....trying to quiet my mind to share whats been going on! and you know that "life" is moving fast! first , let me share with you some "happy" news~ I am going to be a "grandmother" again!! I am really excited for this new" little life" to come be a part of us!! not sure in Feb., or March!  Needed to share that piece of excitement first! So...onto latest with myself! Yes, a tad going on in the health department! I have already had 2 different tests and finalized the result of the CT scan that was done a week ago..and now I am off to see a Vascular Surgeon! hopefully in the next wk. or so. but anyway I had been having some issues with my legs, for a good while, just having a very fatigued feeling when I walk for any period at all...kinda put off the mention of this to my doctor! but then......a couple of months ago I started having three of my toes to turn a red or purplish color! OK~~~ scared me! so I have found myself in the last two weeks with tests scheduled and problem found was that I have about 60% blockage in both legs!! second test, was a CT Scan w/ dye!! whoa~ that dye stuff was wicked!! but God's Grace was Sufficient! (pause)...Thank You Lord!! so ...yesterday @ my doctor appt.,  was explained that due to several little veins blocked in my legs this has to be treated w/ meds. Now what about any little hidden things....that just might be there?..............well there was upon doing the was discovered that there is a major artery that goes to one of my kidneys that has a 90% blockage! oh~ yeah, I said what? the world! but just this morning God's word spoke to me and reminded me that when "HE said that all things work together for those that LOVE GOD"....I can Praise HIM for that CT because I would not have known this and definitely major problems from this. So at this moment I am awaiting my appt., with the surgeon, to get this fixed, ASAP! Now ..I am fearful of the unknown, but as a friend of mine shared with that I know who I belong to! and Yes I do! God says that there is nothing too hard for me!!  So..friends~ I am asking that you place me before God with your Prayers! and I will keep you updated as I walk through this..and feeling most secure that with prayers and the "Amazing Grace " of God that" I KNOW, THAT I KNOW, WHO I BELONG TO!


  1. My dear friend, My honor and pleasure to lift you up; I well know how fearful health issues become-especially as we age but Praise God this issue was found out and now the Healer can touch you.
    Praying for peace that passes all understanding and grace to walk through this.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Well, I am so glad I stopped by! I am about to finish up my summer semester and am taking a break from studies. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your story sounds like Bryan's recent kidney surgery for cancer. Had he not had the CT for kidney stones, they would have never found the mass inhis other kidney. God is good and He has ways of revealing His goodness to us. So thankful that you are pursuing this and we'll be praying for a safe procedure and QUICK and FULL recovery!!
    Keep us posted..and congrats on the wonderful news about another little one on the way! :)
    Love and miss you
    PS God knows your concerns. We were very scared too, when we faced uncertainty..Bryan was out of work for 7 weeks and had NO income for three weeks, and a half pay for the last 4 weeks. but God carried us and provided as only He can. He will do the same for you too! :)

  3. Although a little behind in stopping in, I will do the same. Prayers and "hugs" as we wait for an update from you.....

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