Tuesday, May 22, 2012

joy~peace~belief~ and~ trust!

Good Morning! just sharing a cup of coffee with you this morning!! and to say that God is so good! and that our J~O~Y is in the Lord! and that our P~E~A~C~E comes from HIM!  Hope this finds you doing well. I have been in full swing of the baseball season with my grands! I just have to sit one out ever once in a while! I did not go last night to the boy's games, but I will be at the one tonight! and to Hannah's on Thursday night! the days are moving fast , schools almost out and the teachers are so ready, my daughter is practically down to counting the hours! (just going to add to please keep Hannah still in your prayers) for we are still dealing with the hair loss (alopecia). Praise God she has had no new spots!! Thank You LORD!! and our B~E~L~I~E~F  is still T~R~U~S~T~I~N~G  God  for healing! ~but anyway hope you all have a safe, Happy:) Memorial Day wk~end!  and May God Bless You with JOY,~ BELIEF,~ PEACE,~ AND ~TRUST in the one that gives us LIFE!!

*TEACH ME HOW TO LIVE TO PLEASE YOU, BECAUSE YOU'RE MY GOD.                           Psalm 143:8.(The Message).


  1. Thank you for the reminder that our joy is in the Lord and our peace comes from Him! Amen and amen!

  2. Hi Sweetie,
    Such a good message!!
    I'm praying for sweet Hannah!! So glad there aren't any more new spots!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!
    Hugs and joy!

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