Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Morning~ praise~ & prayer request!!

Good Morning! ~ Girls... hope this finds every one doing well! the Holidays have come and gone and we are in the first week of Jan., 2012! does that not sound so odd! but, as the saying goes it is a new beginning! I am not one to really make "resolutions", but like to reflect on the past year of what has occurred and think I will do better in the coming year, but the blessings have been so overwhelming that it is hard to think of all the things that God has done!! here are a few of the blessings I want to share  what God has done for me...celebrated a 40 yr., anniversary, protection over my family, enough to eat every day, a warm home,& protection over a car wreck. These are just a very few that comes to mind, but as I ponder these thoughts ~"Gratefulness" keep coming to my heart! and in the New year there are things that are already on the agenda that we as a family must Trust God for! There is my son's election for "Constable"(in March), and my Granddaughter's health issue, that as I write this, my heart aches for her~ as my daughter and I just really cannot talk about it without crying! but all my heart Trust, Trust, Trust, "GOD!"....for HE knows all about it!! Hannah has been going through "Alapeshia"(I'm sure i did not spell this correctly)...but anyway this is where one loses their hair, my daughter discovered this back in the summer, she has been tested thoroughly, and to no avail, there is not an answer for this problem. but again~ my heart says...God is the only answer!! and I just know that HE can heal this!!, but on Saturday Hannah is scheduled to go to the "Kids Hair Club" in Dallas, Tx., for evaluation to be fitted for a hair piece. but~ I just ask that each of you please lift this up for us and most especially my daughter that God would flood her with Peace that she needs to get through this. Girls~ I look forward to yet another Year of all the Blessings that God has for us~ as we wait on HIM and expect great and mighty things, so that we can testify to bring "HIM" Honor and Praise~ for great things He has done!
Have a great day~ Praising the one that gives us Life! and Remember....DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW...GOD IS ALREADY THERE!



  1. Good morning....Yes, it sounds like you have much to thank Him for this last year! God is soo good to us. I will definitely pray for your grand daughter, and all of you over this health issue. How old is your granddaughter? Have a GOOD day. Hugs and blessings, Debbie

  2. Praying for your granddaughter and you too!!!
    Blessings for this new years.

  3. I prayed and will continue to pray for your granddaughter. And, yes, God can definitely reserve this issue and grow back her hair. I
    believe it. The Lord be with you all.