Monday, December 12, 2011

our service to others~ is service to~ CHRIST!

Good Morning! hope this finds you all doing well! We are on countdown to Christmas!! I am trying to figure out this morning kinda where I am at and which direction to go to get it all wrapped up:)~ I usually have most of my packages wrapped and under the tree by this time, but I'm behind! still in closet and trunk of car!! My daughter and I got a big shopping day on Saturday done, and I am almost finished. but anyway on to my thought this morning~ have you ever had someone come into your life that just attaches to your heart?..well that's where I am at! not that I needed anything else to take care of...but this little elderly couple that my son had become involved with a couple of years ago, are the ones that I have attached myself to ~ and to say the least I feel like I am re~living my parents all over again! same ages, same health conditions, same scenario of the "old" stories from their pasts! and they really have no one to care for them~ so I w/son and DIL~ are seeing to their needs! this little couple have been married for 59 yrs., and they do not want the other out of their sight! ever~ oh! my heart aches, to see her in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and he has bad heart problems...they have a daughter that lives away,and (does not come hardly ever)~ and their son was killed in a motorcycle accident a yr., or so ago! they told me that I had to share Brad (my son) because they have adopted him! as their own! I am so blessed that others love my children as their own! that tells me that they have been "Blessed" with a compassionate heart! ~so today as I prepare the evening meal for my "adopted" extended family that God placed in our hearts and lives I will be as Grateful as I can be, and just know that this purpose was to full~fill a need for some one else! and as I asked the question yesterday on my FB page~ what does Serving Christ mean to you?..........
have a wonderful day ~PRAISING THE ONE THAT GIVES US LIFE:)


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