Tuesday, September 27, 2011

when " I " leave~........

Good Morning!  this is just a quick review of my thoughts this morning! You know as each day comes and goes we must maintain our directions to stay on the course of each hour that is given to us; to make it worthwhile that at the end of each day we feel like we have accomplished something that is worthwhile?..I hope that makes sense! but just saying is that when we have a day ~ as I call it..just going around in circles, wearing ourselves out..just does not make sense to me! As this thought came to me I'm guessing this is how the "wilderness" felt!! that the people just wore themselves out going around the same mountain over and over..because they just could not focus on the promises of God! But to say that  there is great lesson here is for our benefit..just TRUST ME! even when Life does not make sense!  Yesterday morning in our B/Moore study on Revelation..(wow~this is a wonderful study).. there were questions raised that really not anyone could answer, and it just spoke to me..When you just cannot get a satisfying answer the "Holy Spirit" moves in and says...JUST TRUST ME FOR THE OUTCOME!! do not try to reason and figure it out!! for this makes one tired!! After all...God said when "I "go away you will not be left comfortless, I am leaving you with all that You need when life does not make sense~ and that is the HOLY SPIRIT! (my words).. but you know the scripture!).
OK~ this was a message that just came, was not sure where my thoughts were going.. but here they are on the page!!.. Maybe some one needed this!! but I know I have to be reminded often that our Saviour is so close and all we need is to depend on the comfort that "HE" left us..to soak up ever second of the reminder is that the "HOLY SPIRIT" is just a prayer away~indwelling deep with in us to just know that HE is with us even when we just cannot get it!! (don't you just love that!! ). THANK YOU LORD FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT..just one more thing I cannot live without!!



  1. If we praise our wonderful Savior all the day
    long we will see it turn out to be so much
    better than we thought it would. Even a
    sacrifice of praise is better than no praise
    at all. He is a comfort and a joy!
    Your table looks so pretty!

  2. Hi Kay,

    Just stopping by to see what the Lord has been teaching you. I think those words are for me. Recently my husband and I evaluated our schedule and found that we are just running around crazy busy, leaving us exhausted with nothing left to give. Most of it's good stuff...but it's just too much and leaves us feeling weary.

    When I get like that I try to get through on my own strengthen and might and forget to focus on the Lord. Sometimes I take on more than the Lord would have me to. Then I forget to spend time with Him and meditate on His goodness and get lost in wonder, love and praise.

    Thanks for sharing...have blessed and peaceful day in the Lord. Susan

    PS...I agree with Sandy about praising our Savior!

  3. Wow~ I so needed to hear this....Thank you! We have not been hearing any answers; though we are listening...so this really blessed me.
    Love and blessings,