Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I will Pray~ if~ You will Pray....

Good Morning!  Happy:) August~ Already! just overwhelmed with the fast moving days and months. Hope this finds you all doing good, and surviving this Heat Wave! It seems that it is settled in and the need for rain is critical! But..~ God knows all about it and in His Time that He will shower us with  abundant rain. I have been just doing a little bit of this and that, took a couple of short vacations, I guess you would call it a vacation but as I say, w/grands, just give us a hotel stay and a swimming pool and we're fine!:). Last week Daughter, and 3 of grands went to a place called "Color Me Happy", and I painted the first painting in my Life!! the theme was Kids Crosses, and I just loved it! I have always loved Art, now this is a gal that can't even draw a stick figure~ much less give me a canvas board and paint!! but I did it!! ( I have pics but naturally, can not get them on here! gotta get daughter to fix it!). But will show you soon! It was a lot of fun, and so relaxing, I think that 2 hrs., was the only "stop" moment that I have had in a long time!! LOL! But anyway, just checking in on you! and hoping that all is well with you and your families! Make it a great day and Keep Praying for rain! as I told one Bloggy Friend, I will pray for your area if you will Pray for E.Texas!!~ Love and Blessings for a Happy:) Day!



  1. Good morning! My granddaughter had a small party at one of those places a couple of years ago...soo fun...your right, times is a flying....I have been praying for rain. We are suppose to be quite hot again today too. Fall is sounding better and better....Have a good day!

  2. Praying for Texas even have in-laws that live E. Texas. We are in Oklahoma and so hot! God does know and all in His timing for everything. Yes keep praying!! Have a wonderful afternoon!

  3. Oklahoma is praying for you and I am thankful you are praying for us! Just can't get over the temp reading 114 degrees....YUCK!!!

    Stay cool my friend! Love and Hugs

  4. stoppin' by to say HI and hope that U.R. doin' OK!
    Sounds like you've had the same heat wave we've had over here on the east coast! I mean sizzlin hot!
    Hang in there, and remember, this too shall pass. Unless we pass OUT from the heat! LOL Just kiddin!!!!
    Talk to ya later!
    love and hugs,