Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty ~ Blessings~ & "prayer"~ please!

Good Morning! Wow! ~ do you loose track of time?..I find myself going to the calendar to see what date it is! I cannot keep up with the fast moving days! But anyway~ God is good~... Girls~ I have been dealing with an incrediable tooth problem, and all it has done is hurt!! I went for my regular cleaning about 3 wks., ago and discovered I had an abcess~ a few days of meds., and a root canal has been done! Untill....last Sat., morning and I woke up with a throbbing pain, babied it all week-end and went to dentist yesterday morning! I mean this thing has been ugly:(   I just do not ask for pain meds but I did yesterday!  Dentist said it was not the root canal one! I said yes it is! He said it was the one behind it~ now ladies I have a tendency to aurgue(ouch)!! but left there got more antibiotics and pain med., and slept better last night. Please say a "prayer" over this tooth!! I have a very bad infection that has gone into my jaw! going back to dentist today for a little shot of antibiotics. Thank You for the prayers!! But anyway~ God is so good! ~ before this little blow-up, last week Brandi and I and 2 grands, left for a couple of days and played!! we went to Grapevine and walked the Mall, ate @ "Rainforest Cafe", took kids to chucky cheeze for games!, floated in pool, took Kyle to Bass Pro Shop, on the way home stopped in Mesquite and did some school shopping, and ate at Joe's Crab shack for dinner!! It was really good! YUMMY! Hope you are having a wonderful summer:) and I mean HOT SUMMER!!  Please when you "pray" for my tooth~ include "RAIN" AS WELL!! oK~ brought you up to date w/ my stuff!! Have a great day:).  and "Praise The One that gives us LIFE"!!

(ps~ this is a pic of the most beautiful drangonfly I had ever seen last year!)



  1. Ouch! My jaw just hurts thinking about what you're dealing with. Will definitely pray for your tooth ... and rain, too! ;-)

  2. praying for you today, sure hope it starts to feel better!

  3. Sorry to hear this news. Praying you are
    healed and pain free quickly!

  4. Hi Cutie! So sorry to hear about your tooth. I have been having some other issues, and I am praying in Jesus' Name that they will all be healed for us both!!

    Glad you got to have a good time prior to all of that, though. Things here are good otherwise!

    Although...I have a trip to the dentist coming up in a week...please pray for that! I don't want any surprises!!

    Hugs and love to you!

  5. Oh that sounds VERY painful....I have already prayed for you, and will continue. Glad you had some fun times. Your right, summer is rushing by. Hope you feel better soon! HUGS