Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Nose Diving" into the "Journey"~ of a lot of questions.....

Good Morning! well~I think it is still the morning hour! I have started the process of the journey...with Insurance Co., this has to be done all by phone..talked to Co. about 9, this morning, gave her all kind of info., she told me another would call me, just got off phone with that one and now this one says that at least 3 more will contact me in regards to this car accident last Thursday! I hope all of that did not make you tired!  LOL!! But you know God is so Good, and this to shall pass! To God Be the Glory for Great Things He Has Done! I am so Thankful to be able to give all the info., that they need:)))))...and lots and lots of it! After I hit the car that pulled out in front of me, and then the second crash came a few seconds later, Everyone was telling me that the man on the motorcycle jumped off of it before it crashed into my car!  I just get so" jittery" just trying to tell the scene!  but things can be replaced...and I was not seriously injured....but the "what ifs" are still lingering!  The message that my pastor spoke Sunday summed it all up...Very simple..yet profound! Make everyday count.. Your life is just a vapor, please make it count for the Godly things every moment, every second, because we just never know... Thank You Jesus for your protection! I will sing of your Praises!  Hope you all have a safe and happy:) day!!  


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  1. Yes, praise God it was not more serious than it was...insurance processes are draining, but your right...this too shall pass. Have a wonderful day!