Friday, April 8, 2011


Good Friday Morning!! Hey, do you have anything that is broken?.... I have a few items that is being worked on! Kinda started out yesterday morning with my coffee! Now ~ really don't t mess with my coffee! But it was one of those mornings upon awaking that I wasn't sure if I did not feel a little "broken". but anyhow, I fixed my coffee and I just could not figure out why it just was not good! but, sipped away, 2nd cup still not good! I thought OK, you bought another brand, this was it! but anyway, laid back down, when I woke up I thought will fix me another fresh cup(still yuck!), instead used my regular brand, I set down to wake up again, and looked into that cup and noticed that it looked awful! I discovered that my creamer was WoW! so soured! So~ down the drain~ all of this went! My sister called about 30 minutes after awakening and in the battle of my coffee struggle!! and said that she had to go to Tyler for surgery(like today!) on her arm(where the port is for her dialysis) and had to be there at 2:00, so her arm had to be fixed! I went to get her and we had surgery done! OK~ I have been trying to get ready for Broken bathrooms~ the plumber called before I left and said he ordered the new shower, but I needed to go pick up the new bath tub! girls ~ these have been broken for a while! (so to speak) so now I am getting ready to go hunt for a new tub! this will prove interesting!! Point is this morning~ is that "life happens" just remember that "HE RESTORES MY SOUL" {Psalm 23}. Coffee was perfect this morning! Sister did great! and I am going to get some much needed repairs done!!                    {   P.T.L}.~
for "His Restoring" ~ when it seems that all is BROKEN!


  1. Another friend recently posted all the references in the Bible to being "restored"! It makes me want to speak restoration!!

  2. I've been feeling broken today. Despite GOD's provision of the past 3 months, troubles and disappointments have been mounting. I know I have to CHOOSE JOY! Because HE is always good and able to restore me!
    Blessings to you today Kay ~ ((HUGS))

  3. Amen Kay! Only the Lord can restore us not just as we were but BETTER!!

    Hugs !

  4. Being restored is life changing for the better!!!

    Sweet Spring blessings to you and God bless,
    d from homehaven