Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gonna Try this again! & thankfulness!

Happy:) Wednesday Morning! OK~ yesterday was doing a post and it just went somewhere?... Here I am again trying to share my thoughts! hey~ forgot to tell you that my hubby bought me a new computer! I am so happy:) about this!! It just gets up and goes~ I probally touched a unknown button that sent my post sailing yesterday!! LOL!! Anyway~ God is so Good! Ladies~ I just so feel Praises this morning due to the fact that my daughter got word yesterday that her teaching job is secure for next year! , that my bathrooms are getting the final touches today and I can start cleaning up the mess!! Yea!! ~ that all is well with my son, that I do have a home to clean, that I can run, pickup, take to, fix meals for my children, and grands!, go to their homes and help them!  The Blessings just keep going!..... I just so Love to be available! Thank you Lord~ for your strength! Please keep praying for rain in the wild~fire situation! in N.Texas! , not only for that but for the Firefighters! for their endurance and Strength! Over a million and a half acres have burned! WoW! ... Girls~ yes! God is in control~ He knows all about it! But all we have to do is Ask!  Hope you all have a
"Thankful Day", just Meditating on His Love!



  1. don't feel bad my friend. i was trying to delete a draft last night and deleted my whole last post! with comments and all. so i reposted it but now it has no sweet comments attached...

    love to you and so thankful for you!

  2. Hi sweet friend, I love visiting here with you. AS for 'puter problems I have them all the time and now we are down to one computer. Love sharing life with you! Blessings and hugs today.

  3. I too have had those problems with my computer. LOL Mr. Man thinks this computer has a mind of his own. I am beginning to think so too.
    You are truly blessed. I am so happy for you.
    Blessings and hugs,