Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Crazy" for the "LOVE" of.....

Good Tuesday Morning! Wow~ I had my first assignment with 3 of these last evening, I picked up the 2 boy's and Kacey from school yesterday, took them to eat at Braums, dropped off Kacey to her Mom, for BB practice, then took Rowdy and Kyle to Hibbett Sports, for shoes and more BB stuff! ,left there took Rowdy to his scrimmage game , waited for his dad, left there came back to Malakoff, and dropped Kyle at his practice, and got home about 8:00. That was about 4 hours of schedules!  OK~ where was Hannah?..she was with her Mom... but tonight I will be with her, she is having her end of the year school play~ I will be at that event!  She is going to be so cute! this play is about a beauty pageant, she will be one of the 50 states?...can't wait to see her, she has got a beautiful little dress. She is so a "Little House on the Prairie character...but tonight she will be a Beauty Queen! Hope to get some pics! I will do a side by side views to show you her everyday look, compared to this all blinged up look, just not her! She is our little BB Player, dirt digging, water hose on trampoline, 4 wheeling, kinda of girl!  Just thought I would share some of our crazy days! But I would not have it any other way~ if parents are tied up then that's what "Nana's" are for! Anyway~ I want to make sure that all of their needs are met and most of their wants! Guess what~ I have some spoiled Grands!! I Love It!!  Note~ {Parents get over It!!} Ha-Ha!  Hope you have a wonderful Day!   



  1. Hi Kay, Absolutely love this,especially about the spoiled grands-isn't that our job. They do keep us busy and blessed! I spent yesterday with all of them and the only thing I'm noticing, as I age, that I am more concerned with their getting hurt than I ever was with my girls. Somethings I just can't watch-don't know where this came from.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  2. Love this pic gal! Too too cute! And I love how involved you are with your grandchildren...a delight for you and for them!

    I've been praying that all is well with you, sweetie! Thanks for the smiles!
    Love ya,