Monday, February 21, 2011

"LISTEN" ~ for that~ "WHISPER"

Good Afternoon Ladies, I'm kinda behind on getting my stuff done today! That's probally because I slept until 9 this morning! I never ever do this! but I did today!, but on to my thoughts that have really been with me the last couple of hours, question?....have you ever made plans and just at the last minute God tells you different?..Well that has happened to me again, for about a month now I have had preparations made, tickets bought and hotel secured, but this morning I just had this overwhelming feeling is that it just wasn't going to work out!  that I was getting a little whisper telling me that I should just cancel this little plan of mine! OK~ my Mom used to do this same thing and she always would say  to me if you don't have peace about it, just don't go! I have had this happen with plans that I make and the "whisper" may come at the very last second or it may come as it did this morning 4 days before I was to leave, but I just take these whispers very seriously, I'm not a superstitious person at all, but I truly believe that God is "Whispering" and just telling me I Am protecting you from the unknown!! I Love that! because I know ~that I know, that God speaks in His very own unique way, and I am overjoyed  {when I} Listen!  did you hear that?'s when ' I" listen!. And to top it off, when I called the place for these 2 tickets, they stated that no refund for any reason would happen, but I said I will just ask anyway~ 80.00 is 80.00 dollars right?... Guess what... no problem they are going to refund me!! God is so good, and Girls He does take care of us.... When "I"(or we~ Listen! .... Just sharing this Praise and Reminder is Thank Him for His Blessings!! Do not forget His Benefits!! Happy:) Happy:) Day! just "lovin" my Jesus! 

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